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Just great to see the team back together. I wish all of you the very best in turning the Sekeres & Price show into a big success. I pop my iPods in as I do the climb up Fromme in North Van to mountain bike. It’s a pleasure to listen to your smart discussions as it makes the climb a whole lot easier. Very glad S&P is back! Looking forward to both of you turning this venture into a viable business. Karma is on your side.

Love the new format!

Vancouverites...Vancouverians? Vancouverans? Whatever it is, rejoice! The greatest voices of Vancouver sports are back! But enough about Halford & Brough. Sekeres and Price are some of the most iconic sports broadcasters in this city’s history and the new show brings everything you missed about 1040 back into the digital sphere. Give it a listen for hot takes on a scale from ice cold to sizzlin’, and the *admonishment* of our favourite afternoon hosts.

Great show

My favourite show on radio and podcast. Keep up the good work guys


Enjoying the show. Getting better every episode. VK

Welcome back!

Great to hear you two again. Looking forward to hearing it live!

Awesome show!

Love that you guys made the jump to the freedom of podcasting.

There is a sports talk god!

And just before your loyal listeners (from that past life) wither away from sports talk malnutrition, you two managed to pull us all from the jaws of the sports talk listener abyss......awesome to have you back!

Best Sports Talk Duo in Vancouver

Thank god they are back, 650 Sportsnet afternoon show puts me to sleep

Glad you guys are back

Looking forward to five days a week!

Nice to have them back

Nice to have them back


So great to hear your familiar voices, it actually clams me down, cheers.

So glad you’re back!

I was stunned at your draconian departure, like a black hole on my radio dial. The 650 TSN replacement was about as good as the comedy replacement on 1040,arghhh! And now you’re back, great stuff and keep the bar high.


Thanks for finding a way back. Please keep letting us know how we can support.

Great podcast

Great to hear from you guys again. I’m hoping you are going to do a postgame podcast much like after the first game against the Jets. I crave more coverage!

Echoing Everything Good Below (Above?)

Some great appropriate & agreed sentiments here. I echo all of it (didn’t see anything negative at least). Nice to see so many reviews too! F TSN, kudos for doing this gents, & AAALLLL the best with it. WE WILL BE LISTENING -Kyle in East Van


Love Matty S.

So awesome to hear again!!

Like hearing the voices of ghosts from the awesome, badly missed, and recently murdered (#F***BellMedia!!) 1040 sports radio Vancouver station, Sekeres and Price are the first two daytime radio hosts to hit the airwaves again, and goddam it’s good to have them back!!!

Sekeres & Price

The best of the best in sports broadcasting! Looking forward to many years of podcasts ahead.

2 of the very best in sports talk

Matt and Blake are great. Awesome to have them back.