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Tell me I’m wrong

Great show!!

Great Team

Sekeres and Price are a great team. Good banter. Knowledgeable and opinionated. Miss the ease of listening on the radio. Glad I can tune in here at least


So good! I enjoy listening to you guys. Great not needing to listen TSN.

Best Vancouver Sports Talk

It’s so great to have S&P in the digital space. Commuted from Edmonton to Calgary all summer long, and their show became a staple of my drive. Kudos on such a successful first few months!

Better then ever

I have to say I like the show even more now then during their 1040 run. So happy they have successfully made the transition to live show/podcast.

Great Vancouver sports talk

Really enjoying the show. Great guests. Often very silly but in a surprising fun and entertaining fashion. As much as these guys tease and taunt each other it is clear that everyone enjoys working together. Never feels too out of date even when you fall behind some days on the podcast.

Great to have them back

Saw there advertisement today on a bus in langley and cant wait to start listening to them again!

Best Vancity sports pod

So glad to have boys back and JPat too in streaming and podcast.


Glad to have you boys back on the air.... You saved me during the pandemic!!! Kristof Kuran

Who’s Your Daddy !!!

Long , long time listener. Listened to 1040 from day 1. I think I like the show more now that it‘s a live Podcast. I can’t listen live but I download it right at 6:45 ish to listen. Keep it up boys.

Take 5

Gave it a five even with the biased jury against Matt on take 5 Thursday



No more 650

So great, thanks guys!

Good Stuff

Great that your back!

Great Program

Vancouver focused podcast which sounds like a radio broadcast, complete with insiders and experts to compliment the host’s vast knowledge. Humorous & engaging

The Gloves are Off!!!

So great to have these guys back—-and with all corporate shackles removed! The Canucks need real critics and these guys are willing and able to take up the cause. By the way, it’s also the best sounding sports podcast out there. Keep it up!

Great Show!

This is the future of radio. Glad these guys dove in and took a chance.

Great New Format

Andrew Wadden deserves some praise here for providing some necessary ebb and flow to the show. At times a hidden swirling undercurrent keeping the hosts in check with their E’s and O’s. Also acting as a rising tide, ensuring the Boat Captain stays above water.


Back where you belong!!! So great and the best is not having to listen to “PASSWORD”. Nice to have you guys back!!

S&P are back

Great pod - welcome back gents. Also appreciate you cover sports beyond the Canucks. Any thoughts on posting the podcast in shorter segments (e.g. 1 hour segments), also detailed episode notes would be great, specifically when each guest appears (e.g. Drance joins at 22:33).

Hey guys welcomed back

Great to have you live


Great times for canucks coverage such a diverse voice. Hopefully the team can live up to it. So glad you’re back!!

B let’s talk...

Nice try Covid/Bell...S&P back in the saddle. The biggest void during this pandemic.

Thank God They’re Back

I can’t believe how much I missed this show while it was off the airwaves. Glad they’re back and calling all their own shots. The first few episodes have been amazing and I’m sure this will end up even better than their terrestrial radio show was. Welcome back, boys! Joey in Surrey

Best afternoon Drive show in the business !

Great to have you back on the airwaves and look forward to massive success!

Fantastic sports talk

One of my favourite duos and always entertaining to listen to. Ever grateful you guys have continued to broadcast.

The best in the biz

I am so happy to have the boys back and even better in podcast form. Keep it up and look forward to more tell me I’m wrong, memo to and hot takes!

S&P - best in the Vancouver area for ANY talk!

Truly - the podcast deserves 5 stars; but the little one insists that auto-racing isn’t a sport... But don’t let that set you back - the best Vancouver sports talk over ANYONE! -RotR

Love It!!

So excited to keep listening to you guys!!

Price and Sekeres - sports radio masters

Best sport show on any media forum. True professionals!! If you need a fix of Canucks, NFL and all things sports...have a listen. Sit back and enjoy !!!