Jan. 7, 2022

January 7 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal (Donnie & Dhali The Team), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Gregg Bell (Seahawks Reporter)

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Rick Dhaliwal, host of Donnie and Dhali, joined Matt and Blake for the first time this new year. Started off with the frustration of being covid fatigued. Say’s it’s a frustrating time for fans. The people Rick talks to just want to watch the game. It’s not so much about going to the game. Talked about what drove the postponement. Was told it was due to capacity. Noted that the Warriors and Abby Canucks are going to play. It’s just this team that can’t. Talked about the possibility that teams might not get all 82 games in. Thinks that Boudreau is probably losing it after going on such a hot streak to start his time in Vancouver. Talked about potential GM’s. Talked about the possibility of Scott Young coming to Vancouver. Says that Rutherford is going after a lot of friends. Talked about Aidan McDonough. If you’re the Canucks, you want to sign this kid. Vancouver needs to wait a little bit closer to the NCAA season coming to an end. Canucks need some draft picks from lower rounds to step up. Talked about Jaro Halak and if he will play 10 games. 

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined us and referred to today as “Frustration Friday”. We heard from Bill Daly yesterday that he expected the game vs OTT to go forth. Says the players are hockey players, not hockey practicers. Hopes for the players sake that the road trip goes on without a hitch. Talked about the schedule getting hot and heavy. It won’t let up. It will be a difficult stretch, for a team trying to make up ground. This is the organizations putting profits over points. Jeff doesn’t fully grasp it as we are seeing the Leafs playing in front of empty seats. You’d think this game could be a good tune-up, leading into the extended road trip.

Gregg Bell joined ahead of the last Seahawks of the season. Talked about if the band is getting back together. Doens’t see Jody Allen in a regime change mode. What’s at play is how much drama RW3 wants following a 6-10 season. After 13-3, he was unbroachable. Talked about if they will want to go with Bobby Wagner. He is still plenty good enough. There is also nobody coming in behind him. Same with RW3. Talked about if this game means anything. Might matter for Rashad Penny and how much he makes next year. He has done it against the weaker teams but not the better teams.

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