Jan. 26, 2022

January 26 2022 - Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson

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Darren Dreger, host of Ray and Dregs and NHL Insider, joined Matt and Blake in his regular Wednesday spot. Talked about Patrik Allvin and the fact they had to go through their process before naming him the GM. By all accounts, this is a really good hire. Those who know him, think he will be successful. Thinks that one more AGM will be added. Wouldn’t be surprised if it is another female. You might get into a game of semantics of title. The department in general will be bolstered. Not sure if up to three more but they will take their time. Talked about the work ahead of Kent Hughes in MTL after he was with the team the last week. Dregs thinks agents and GM’s have already reached out to JR and Allvin. Dregs talked about having never met him. After poking around and talking to agents, he learned that PA has been pretty active with them. Talked about some Russians that he might be looking at. Thinks he will be good at finding top Euro FA’s. Talked about Castonguay. Doesn’t think her chat with the Habs went all that far. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if more than the 2 teams had an eye on her services. Talked about the path forward for the Sedin twins. They could be involved in whatever way they want to be involved. 

Our Canucks Reporter and one half of the Rink Wide Podcast, Jeff Paterson joined us in his regular spot. Talked about the news of the day, in hiring Patrik Allvin. Talked about who could be the 3rd AGM. Ryan Johnson makes sense when you look at who the other two are and what they do. Talked about where they need to look first in-house as most important areas to look at. Player development certainly sticks out. Was glad to hear that a practice facility is back on board. Why it hasn’t happened, with everything that is downtown, is puzzling. Would be a great partnership with the community. JPat thinks the heat is going to turn up on Brock Boeser. He has been quiet since he returned from protocol. Thinks JT Miller or Boeser that one of them will be dealt by the deadline. Thinks that JR has an itch to put his stamp and give this team a makeover. Not just a nip and tuck. Talked about how Rutherford will go about the Jaro Halak bonus. Says you could tell Halak that he will sit. Spencer Martin has played well enough to get the 6 or 7 starts that a backup would play with Demko playing so well. Talked about Kyle Burroughs.

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