Feb. 11, 2022

February 11 2022 - Cammi Granato (Vancouver Canucks), Ray Ferraro (ESPN NHL Analyst), Rob Williams (Daily Hive Sports Editor)

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We end the week with Jeff Paterson stepping into the co-host chair.

Olympian, Hockey Hall of Famer, First NHL Female Scout and now Assistant General Manager for the Vancouver Canucks Cammi Granato joins us to talk about her new role, what it means to her to live and work in Vancouver and her book "I Can Play Too."

Long time colleague and NHL analyst for ESPN Ray Ferraro shares with us what it means for his wife Cammi joining the Canucks. Is there a desire for Ray to join an NHL front office as well?

Rob Williams from The Daily Hive gets us ready for the weekend with the upcoming Hockey Night in Canada game with Canucks vs. Leafs. Rob also shares his list for the most unfavourable visiting fans.

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