Dec. 21, 2021

December 20 2021 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), John Shannon (NHL Insider), Rob Williams (Daily Hive)

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Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk joined Blake and Jeff to talk about where in the week we actually are in the NFL. Says it’s just crazy. Things start at the Owners meetings when they starting tinkering with protocols. Rams had 29 players on their Covid list but you just can’t play a game with that many on the list. Says it is unfortunate for the teams that are in the thick of it who have big games with key players out. Talked about the odd season the Cardinals are having. Charean says it’s like their last season but there they could point to Kyler’s shoulder. To lay the egg against the worst team in the league is inexcusable. Talked about the upcoming Tuesday games. 

John Shannon joined Blake and Jeff to talk about the world of sports and all that is not happening. Thinks it might be a bit of a challenge to schedule all the postponed games into the break that was supposed to be for the Olympics. Said this isn’t only affecting players and staff. 15 on ice officials are also stuck in hotel rooms around cities in the league. Talked about how much a blow it was to HNIC to not have Leafs vs Cancuks. For sure it was a blow to Rogers but they are in no position to dictate public health matters. John would not be surprised if the All-Star game is also cancelled. Talked about what the hold up is for not going to the Olympics. John thinks the players still want to go. Even though Gary can pull the plug, the players will want something back. Talked about Paul Maurice and why he stepped away from the Jets. Thinks that it was as good a secret kept in the last decade that he has ever seen. Would like to think that it was Maurice on his on velition. It has been a very honourable relationship between owner, GM and Coach. But that doens’t happen in hockey. If that’s what Paul said, John will take him at his word. Talked about might be coming to the Canucks FO. Talked about what he knows about Derek Clancey. Says JR’s netword of people is very deep and focused. Doesn’t surprise John or anybody that Jim would land on a guy like Clancey. Talked about Canucks jerseys. 

Rob Williams of The Daily Hive joined the show to talk about the day that has been or Canucks twitter. It was all about the choice of jerseys for the Canucks. Says it was the only good news on his timeline. We’ve seen a few other goalies do tribute equiptment. Seeing the photo of Demko in net looked a lot like Kirk McLean. Thinks it was really cool. Talked about colour schemes and who likes what. Thinks it depends on what era you grew up in. Talked about if we will see the flying skate jersey back with the Canucks. Talked about much more we will see the Canucks on ice for the last week of the year. 

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