Aug. 19, 2021

August 18 2021 - Rob Braley (Son of former BC Lions Owner David Braley), Rick LeLacheur (BC Lions President), Patrick Johnston (Post Media Vancouver Canucks Reporter)

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Big show with some major news from the BC Lions to chew on.

The Welcome Matt looks at the legacy of former BC Lions owner David Braley and how when he went away from the team that’s when things started to go down hill for the Leos. 

The son of former BC Lions owner David Braley, Rob Braley joins next and expands on the sale of the team, tells us about his late fathers love of the CFL, and why he thinks this new ownership group are the right people to take over the franchise. 

BC Lions president Rick LeLacheur follows Hashtags - the best and worst of Twitter, and tells us that he is excited for the new ownership, why he feels that the team will be competitive and will be entertaining for the fans, how they’re looking at new ways to get fans engaged, how the team is going to contemplate moving its practice facility, and that the team will have vaccination sites at BC Place for the Leos home opener.

Price is Right looks at how the BC Lions have the ability to float the CFL higher than any other franchise if they can get their marketing and promotion right.

New weekly contributor Patrick Johnston joins and tells us how he got the scoop on the sale of the BC Lions, tells us that the Canucks are pondering having fans wear masks at their games this season, why the Lions need to come up with something unique and new with their marketing approach, what the hold up is on taking Jake Viratanen’s banner down on the side of Rogers Arena, and gives his take on the NHL adding sponsor patches to its jerseys.

Blake sends in his Hot Take via voice memo.

The show wraps with all the Errors & Omissions.






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