Aug. 18, 2021

August 17 2021 - Gregg Bell (The New Tribune Seahawks Reporter), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Massive show with a big announcement to let the audience in on. 

The Welcome Matt dives into the NHL’s decision to have corporate patches on their jerseys next season.

The Price is Right looks at Alphonso Davies and how the Bayern-Munich star could be the difference for Canada in the CONCACAF Octagonal final round.

Seahawks insider Gregg Bell joins and tells us that the ‘Hawks knew when they acquired Jamal Adams that he would eventually get the huge contract that he got on Tuesday, why the ‘Hawks feel that they have enough depth on the defensive line to justify spending all that money on Adams, why he thinks that Duane Brown will play this season, and why it’s puzzling that KJ Wright hasn’t been signed by an NFL team. 

Jeff Paterson follows and breaks the news that we will be doing a pre-game show during the Canucks season, and tells us why he doesn’t think it’s a big deal that the NHL will have patches on its jerseys starting this season.

Sekeres looks to sizzle on Hot Take.

The show wraps with all the Errors & Omissions. 

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