April 21, 2022

April 21 2022 - Scott Rintoul & Kevin Woodley

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Scott Rintoul joined for his regular Thursday hit. Talked about Canucks awards. Says the MVP is a no brainer. Talked about what Garland brings to the team and if he is on his ballot. Talked about where Luke Schenn fits into his ballot. Talked about the Larsheiders. Talked about the NHL adopting a play-in tournament. Scotty is all for it. Talked about getting back to the Nat.
Kevin Woodley of In Goal Magazine and NHL.com joined Matt and Blake to talk goalies. Started off by chatting about the Ian Clark video the Canucks put out. Says that if you are not willing to give everything you have, you are not for Ian Clark. He changes the career arc of players. Thatcher has come into this a young pro and had to make a conscious decision to buy into it. Says there has been a softer touch and recognition with Jaro Halak as a veteran of the game. There is enough self awareness with Clark that you can’t go at Halak like Demko. Talked about who his Canucks MVP is. Says he is contractually obligated to give the nod to Demko. Talked about they underlying numbers. Says he is in a battle for third in Vezina voting. Thinks that Markstrom would get votes ahead of Demko but Kevin thinks it should be the other way around. Doesn’t see the GM’s who vote on it, will see it that way. Talks about the way Demko handles himself with the media. Hopes the market gets to see it like he does. Talked about Mikey DiPietro. Talked about how MDP could still make the strides to move past Spencer Martin in the depth chart and Martin’s contract doesn’t prohibit that like Halak’s. Talked about Carey Price. Talked about Igor Shesterkin.

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