April 16, 2021

April 15 2021

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The show begins with some big news, as the always popular Take 5 returns where the boys debate whether or not Mikey DiPietro should be given some starts while the Canucks try to ice a depleted lineup. 

The Welcome Matt dives into the ongoing tension between the Canucks players and the NHL, wondering why the NHLPA didn’t step up to back the players. 

Emily Kaplan from ESPN joins the show next and takes a look at the Canucks games this weekend that have now been postponed. Emily also gives her insight on whether or not the NHL players in the North Division in Canada would accept going into a bubble for the divisional portion of the their playoffs. 

Our Thursday Canucks insider Thomas Drance follows and breaks down how the players have been feeling in recovery from the COVID-19 variant that has buckled the team, forcing this weekends games to get postponed.

The Price is Right takes a look at the Canadian Stanley Cup drought and how this could be the best chance for an NHL Canadian team to break the 27 year drought. 

The Canucks have gone silent after news broke yesterday that the team had a late evening call with the NHLPA, and today after this weekends games have been postponed. Our man on the beat Jeff Paterson joined to try to explain just what is going on within the organization. 

Take 5 follows J-Pat and it’s a spicy debate that ends up being very one sided.

Errors and Omissions wraps up the show where the boys are quizzed about a stellar year of perfect games in the MLB. 

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