April 13, 2022

April 13 2022 - David Amber, Darren Dreger & Farhan Lalji

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The host of Hockey Night in Canada, David Amber joined Blake and Jeff to talk about the playoff race. Not before we got into a little reality tv talk. Says that last night for the Canucks was good to get the win but would have been better in regulation. We’ve seen crazier things in sports then this Canucks team making the playoffs. They need other teams to falter. Didn’t think we’d be here in October and November. Talked about Vegas. Says something doesn’t feel right about the group. They aren’t the Vegas of old, per say… Maybe giving up on MAF after Lehner didn’t look good. Wonders what the dressing room is like. Talked about the Alberta teams. Talked about the Hart Trophy race. Talked about a MIN v STL series. It would be an all-out brawl. Really likes that MIN and vs the Blues it would be a great series. Talked about how much Canadian hockey success means to the network. Talked about the optimal matchup for the Leafs. Either Tampa or BOS, who are most likely, are both compelling. The funny this is that they’ll likely have home ice advantage but come in as underdogs because of their playoff history.
Darren Dreger of the Ray and Dregs Podcast and NHL Insider, joined Blake and Jeff. Talked about some of the college free agents that are being swept up to end the season. Talked about Vegas and the job they’ve done. Talked about Owen Power and his debut. Dregs says it’s so strange that good teams have their kryptonite. Obvious that Leafs have more fire power but they were sleepy last night. Team looks like it’s fumbling around trying to get AM to 60 goals. Talked about where he thinks Matthews will finish the season in goals.
Our friend, Farhan Lalji, happened to be in the neighbourhood and jumped on to close the show. Talked about the Canucks. Talked about the CFL.

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