Oct. 1, 2021

September 30 2021 - Alwyn Morris (Indigenous Olympic Gold Medalist), Thomas Drance (The Athletic), Alex Nelson (BC Sports Hall of Fame), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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On the inaugural day of Truth and Reconciliation, Olympic Champion, Alwyn Morris joined Matt and Blake to talk to him about his thoughts on this day. Alwyn talked about what he hopes this day can become in the future and what it is right now. He talked about his top of the podium moment where he raised an eagle feather. Alwyn talked about why he did it and what went into the iconic moment. It was a very important sharing moment and talked about the memory of his grandfather, who didn’t get to see it before he passed. Explained that some people equated it to the black power movement, even though that was not at all meant to be the case. Talked about if he faced any backlash from the IOC, as you wouldn’t be able to do that these days. Alwyn talked about running the torch in 2009 en route to the 2010 games and what it was like to have his mother and children with him. He talked about the origins of his career and how it intertwined with him working with non-indigenous athletes and how that’s what reconciliation really means to him. When two people with two different backgrounds can get together and work together. 

Alex Nelson, member of the Musgamagw – Tsawatainuek tribes of the Kwakwala- speaking people and member of the BC Sports Hall of Fame joined Matt and Blake to talk about what this day means to him. Says that we are all so close and one family. We see Canada as one country, one province and one city. In his mind we are all one. He talked about being a Residential School survivor. Talked about being a founder of the Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Association and how sport has helped him along his journey. Still playing soccer at age 73, you can’t help but think it has helped him. 

Thomas Drance of the Athletic joined Matt and Blake and started off, after getting past SB halftime shows, talking about advances in negotiations for 40&43. He has heard that there has been progress which is different from what he has heard in the days leading up. Isn’t calling it a breakthrough yet. There has been frustration behind the scenes with both sides believing that they have given everything they have. Clearly one side has blinked, giving cautious optimism. Talked about the Hamonic situation. 

JPat in his regular spot started chatting about how the Canucks addressed truth and reconciliation day. Shortly after he came on, the smoke was starting to heat up on Pettersson and Hughes. The guys go into the numbers that the they are looking to sign for. Both term and money.

Rick Dhaliwal joined the show last minute after there was some movement on the Pettersson and Hughes negotiations. Said that if he is Travis Green, he would be pretty pissed. Talked about the numbers. Rick talked about all the guys that aren’t here is tough. As soon as Dahlin’s contract was finished, there was more movement with Hughes. These are two elite players who want to play. Looks like they will announce the deals tonight. 

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