Sept. 28, 2021

September 27 2021 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), John Shannon (NHL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Report)

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A jam packed Monday show kicked off with Matt and Blake wrapping up the weekend. Chatting about Canucks vs Kraken, Lions, Whitecaps and Ryder Cup. 

The ‘Welcome Matt’ touches on Week 3 in the NFL. There may have been mention of a record long field goal against a team near and dear to one member of the S&P Team. 

Charean Williams joined the show just outside AT&T stadium in Dallas to recap the weekend. She thinks it’s already been a very strange year. She thinks the Chargers have a good chance to win the AFC West but that the Chiefs will be there in the end. Talked about how worried she is about Seattle. Picked them the win the division and right now they are the worst team in the division. Likes Dallas tonight, will go into the 4th but Cowboys will pull ahead. 

NHL Insider, John Shannon joined the guys and right off the hop we talked Elias Pettersson and whether or not missing Hamonic could help with the cap problem. He thinks that if Benning had his way, Hamonic would be in Abbotsford getting ready for the game tonight. The last few days has been difficult to get through to the respective parties as they try to hammer this out without the media. He talked about the Kraken and the scene in Spokane. Says that there is way more of a hockey IQ in Spokane than Seattle. Talked about how he would go about producing a broadcast. He thinks it’s a very immature hockey town. They would rather see what kind of ice-cream Jordan Eberle eats. They would be missing the boat if they don’t focus on people stories. John talked about the game not being on regional television last night and says he isn’t losing sleep over it not being on locally.

Sekeres & Price Canucks Reporter, Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot. Started off by chatting about Travis Hamonic. Talked about how he was out there constantly when the puck was going in the net, while shorthanded. Wonders what TH has been up to if he opts in for the season. Explained that with only a 3 day training camp, the storylines are still the same. Talked about Luke Schenn. If he is playing top 4 minutes, you know that was never the plan. Talked about Olli Juolevi. Talked about Podkolzin and what we might see from him tonight. Talked about what we saw from Silovs last night vs the Kraken. Expecting to see 2 periods from DiPietro. Talked about when we might see some cuts coming. Talked about Brady Keeper and the injury he sustained. Talked about the availability of GM Jim Benning.

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