Sept. 24, 2021

September 23 2021 - Jim Hughson (Former NHL Broadcaster), Thomas Drance (The Athletic Vancouver), Tyler O’Neill (St Louis Cardinals Outfielder), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Broadcasting live from Audi Downtown Vancouver... The show kicks off with the Welcome Matt going through some clips of the opening day of training camp.

The guys welcomed in the legendary Jim Hughson to the show to talk about his recent retirement. Jim talked about a few of the chats he has had in the last couple days with people he has worked with and says he can’t wait until the 24 hour news cycle is over and he becomes ‘Jim down the block’. He talked about why he didn’t extend his career like a lot of the other greats. A very interesting take on life in the bubble. He talked about the pull to go east to further his career. Talked about the parallel between himself and Jim Robson retiring earlier. Talked about career highlights. Says that there are too many individual ones to mention but that every memory tells their own story. Jim talked about the difference between calling radio and tv and realizing that some of his best calls are when he said nothing at all. Jim talked about some of his catchphrases and why he phased some of them out and why some of them stuck. 

Jim talked about the switch over to calling video games. He says it was a project to be proud of, despite it being the most tedious work of his life.

Thomas Drance of the Athletic joined the fellas and started off by talking about his new VanCast co-host, Farhan Lalji. He followed that up by talking about the bag skate and who excelled. He talked about the science behind JT Miller and how he went about that particular part of the camp. Drancer talked about Garland losing his lunch. Drancer touched on how much Will Lockwood impressed him throughout the day. Following up with the Hamonic situation and if there is a story here or not.

St. Louis Cardinals slugger and Maple Ridge native, Tyler O’Neill joined Matt and Blake to talk about his incredible season. He also talked about his relationship with Baseball Hall of Famer, Larry Walker. Tyler talked about what it is like to play in St. Louis. He says it’s just something you need to come and experience. He hopes it’s still awhile before he makes his way back up to BC. 

Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot. Started talking about the guys who you would need to look at to move out. Starting with the two guys who’s salary lay within the three million dollar range. Talked about Hamonic and his personal decision to not be at camp right now. Followed up with why the Canucks need a player like that right now. Talked about the camp to date for  OEL and Lockwood. Also how nice it is to be back in the building, to see fans in the stands with players on the ice. Told a hilarious story about getting into the building in Abbotsford this morning. 

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