Sept. 23, 2021

September 22 2021 - Frank Seravalli (NHL Insider/Daily Faceoff), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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The Welcome Matt runs through clips from the first media day of the season. You will hear from the likes of Jim Benning on players that won’t be here to start camp. 

NHL insider, Frank Seravalli joined the guys and started off by chatting about what the biggest news in the NHL would be right now. Talked about the NHL investigation into Evander Kane gambling while playing for the Sharks. Followed that up by talking about the new investigation he faces for sexual assault and domestic violence. Talked about what he is hearing about Pettersson and Hughes. He thinks defensemen are harder to work in a bridge deal. Talked about the strategy that goes into signing star players. Doesn’t think that this is the agency playing hardball with a team that waited to sign the superstars last. Talked about how much more flexibility the Canucks would have if they didn’t sign Pearson first. Finished off by going around the league to talk injuries. 

The Price is Right touches on players who don’t want to get vaccinated. 

Jeff Paterson, our Canucks reporter joined the show in his regular spot to talk about what he took away from the Canucks first in-person media availability this season. Highlighted Connor Garland and the energy he brought. Talked about Sutter’s availability. Jeff is curious about what went into signing him and why he chose to come back. Talked about who will fill in the void left by him. There will be some open auditions for the top PK unit with the likes of Sutter and Motte not being there for the start of camp. Can’t have a guy like JT Miller out there in every situation. Talked about the starting road trip and that the players are looking forward to it.  

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