Sept. 18, 2021

September 17 2021 - Rick Dhaliwal (Donnie & Dhali), Gregg Bell (Seahawks Reporter), Ray Ferraro & Darren Dreger (ESPN & TSN), Nathan Hirayama (Former Canadian National Rugby Player), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Rick Dhaliwal joined the guys in place of the Welcome Matt on the first day of Rookie Camp. He tells us where the two players waiting to sign and if they are in town or not. Talks about who the pressure is on now compared to when the season starts. 

Gregg Bell joined the show to chat about this weekend’s Seahawks home opener vs the Titans. He started talking about the relationship between Russel Wilson’s best friend passing away at the age of 48 due to Cancer and how it may affect the QB. Moving on to the head coach celebrating his 70th birthday this past week. Goes on to talk about the health status of the football club. 

Ray Ferraro and Darren Dreger of Ray & Dregs joined Matt and Blake in Studio and started talking about what else… the weather. Moving right along into the status of the two big starts, Hughes and Pettersson. Dregs talked about where management would be comfortable and how that differs from what the players probably want and trying to find the sweet spot. Ray talked about who they compare to in the league and the kind of money being thrown at them. Dregs predicts and who shows up to camp. Ray talks about Garland and how he thinks the fanbase will react to the way he plays. Elaborating on what kind of player the Canucks need him to be and what kind of player he actually will be. Following that up on the goaltending and how many games Demko should play, moving forward. Dregs talked about the difference between expansion drafts from Vegas to Seattle. Ray followed it up with talking about his relationship with Ron Francis and how it meshes with how he is operating the Kraken. Ray talks about what his role with ESPN and the accompanying networks. 

Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot fresh off his first day back at the rink. Talking about who was on the ice and how they looked. Talked about Podkolzin and the efforts he is making to assimilate into society. Continued the conversation of Pettersson and Hughes and how this could turn out. 

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