Sept. 15, 2022

September 15 2022 - Jonathan Wall & Jeff Paterson

Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake, table side at Neighbourhood Brewpub. Jeff immediately took issue with it being call the Young Stars “Tournament”. Hear what he thinks the designation should be. Together, the three of them came up with an idea for a trophy, that is quite literally on a tee. They talked about what this showcase means for some of the players. The guys talked about Arshdeep Bains and what should be expected of him. Jeff answered our Bodog Poll Question. He gave his thoughts on who will have the better rookie season out of Rathbone and Kuzmenko. The big tennis fan he is, Jeff gave his thoughts on the retirement announcement of Roger Federer.

Jonathan Wall, former Vancouver Canucks executive, joined us table side at Neighbourhood, to talk about Young Stars. Jonathan talked about starting the Young Stars Tournament in 2009. Jonathan talked about how he made his way back to the showcase, after he was let go by the Canucks. The guys talked about Penticton as a whole and what attracts people to the area.

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