Sept. 16, 2021

September 15 2021 - Michael Reilly (BC Lions Quarterback), Chris Higgins (Vancouver Canucks Skills & Development Coach), Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide Co-Host)

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We kick off the show with the ‘Welcome Matt’ where Sekeres wonders if the Canucks will be able to sign Hughes and Pettersson with their current cap constrictions.

Michael Reilly joined the show to talk about how he is dealing with his injuries. The benefits of having some time to practice before getting to play. The differences between team exercises through the pandemic and how it fits into his lifestyle. Also talking about getting back on the field and being a part of a team through the first month and a half of the season. What he expects from Montreal this weekend, who are without their head coach, Khari Jones. As well a little about the man and that he hopes he is doing well with a Covid positive diagnosis. Finally, his grade on how the media and fans are doing with the switch from Mike to Michael.

Chris Higgins joined the show to preview the upcoming rookie camp and a surprise with who will be there to help. He breaks down what players need to work on which skills to get them to the next level. Talked about the difference in a player at this rookie level compared to players with a year or two of pro under their belt. Talks about the kind of environment the Canucks want to bring these players. Also a bit on the Canucks of old, when he played.

The Price is Right delves into the start of hockey season with various leagues either underway or training camp right around the corner. 

Our Canucks Reporter, Jeff Paterson joined the show in his regular 5 o’clock spot with an exact, to the second update for when he will be allowed back in the rink. Also chatting about why DiPietro would be involved in Canucks rookie camp. Mentions who is already in town and what they are up to until main camp starts, including if there is any word on the two big players who remain unsigned. Jeff talks about the importance for reporters of being in the dressing room and having access to the players and how much it helps coverage. Talks about Bo Horvat and how he foresees his next few years and wonders if he would want to stick around this team if it continues the way it’s going.  Finishing up by talking about who he thinks will get the first shot at the NHL level or the rookie participants. 

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