April 18, 2022

Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller joined us for a holiday Monday special. Ryan started off talking about becoming a father for the 2nd time. Talked about managing his son’s team. He laughed at the other parents on the team, where his son also plays with Matt Greene’s kid. Talked about how he got into hockey. His grandfather came from Regina, his dad was born there but then settled in Michigan. His first memories of hockey were watching his cousins play for Michigan State in 84. Did some growing up in California. Started playing in Santa Clara where he got his first taste of playing goalie. Playing against his cousins, he was just a shooter-tutor for them. Instilled at a young age, to work hard. Talked about some really good teams at MS that were ranked #1. Very balanced team.
Talked about going from school to the World Championships. Said it was pretty cool to be there with all the fans. Talked about going pro in a lockout year. Had a really good team in Rochester. Talked about years in BUF and a season where he played 76 games. Lindy Ruff relied heavily on his goaltenders and for whatever reason he felt comfortable slotting him into more games. Says it didn’t have a positive impact, overall, after missing the playoffs.
Talked about all the outdoor events he has played in. Was a little bit trippy to be playing in the football stadium in his hometown. Was cool to be a part of so many big moments at the centre of the hockey world.
Talked about 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Was a highlight but also bittersweet. If anyone was going to score, might as well have been Sid. Talked a little bit about connecting with with him for an interesting relationship over the year. Has had good hockey experiences with him, competing and training together.
Talked about why he decided to sign with the Canucks. It was a very veteran group, his first year. Talked about his time in Vancouver. To be a part of the Canucks was a huge highlight for him. Just really liked this area and hopes to get back here and remind his son where he was born. Hopefully get some skiing in now that he is retired. Talked about being part of the Hockey Wives show.
Talked about his retirement process. Talked about what he is up to now. Working as a consultant in the hockey ops department. But really just trying to be around with a new baby and keeping it to his family.

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