Aug. 1, 2022

Ron Toigo (Vancouver Giants)

The Owner and President of the Vancouver Giants, Ron Toigo, joined Matt and Blake for President’s Week. Before we got to chatting about the team, Ron enthralled us with his story of going down to see the Titanic in a submarine. It’s a hell of a story. Moving along, Ron talked about the ups and downs of last season and how they were able to be the first eight seed to take down a one seed. In doing so, he explained that they players he had available at different points of the season really stepped up and how some of them might not be back with the team as they move up through the ranks. Ron talked about the player that Bowen Byram is in the NHL and how he played for him in Jr. Ron talked about his organization’s management groups previous and in what they have now. He went through a few of his alumni and how they’ve fared in the NHL. Ronnie can’t say for sure who is the best of the lot. Though, Gilbert Brule might have been the best Jr. player he has ever seen. To wrap it up, they talked about how business is at the LEC since Abby came in. Talked about Chloe Primerano and if she could make it to the WHL.

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