Oct. 8, 2021

October 7 2021 - Gregg Bell (Tacoma News Tribune Seahawks Reporter), Thomas Drance (The VanCast), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

A massive day in sports on a Thursday edition of Sekeres and Price. Matt and Blake start off by talking about Carey Price and the courage it takes to enter the Player Substance Abuse Program.

With a preview of the Thursday Nighter, in Seattle, Cpt. Gregg Bell joined Matt and Blake a day early to talk about their chances against the Rams. Says tonight will determine how they feel about their season but 2-2 feels much better than 1-4 which they could have been staring down after the final whistle. No team has beaten, picked off, sacked Russell Wilson than the Rams. Talked about Chris Carson and how it would surprise him if he was in tonight, after not practicing all week. No one person will beat Donald, it has to be the scheme. 

Thomas Drance of the Athletic joined Matt and Blake and started chatting about Jonah Gadjovich. Said that this was probably the right time to put him through while most teams are sitting around 30 players still. Talked about his season predictions. 

Jeff Paterson joined on a busy day. Started off by talking about Jonah Gadjovich. Says there is good arguments on both sides. Thinks he deserved more from the Vancouver Canucks. Talked about how he only got 5 meaningful minutes in a mean-nothing game. Talked about their own draft picks in the later rounds who have made it. It’s not a long list… Talked about the preseason debuts for 40&43. Said that with the workout Jim Hughes put them through, coming down here was like Club Med. Conditioning won’t be the issue, timing is another matter. 

It was a highly entertaining Take 5 Thursday on Gadjovich. You’re going to want to hear this.

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