Oct. 7, 2021

October 6 2021 - Paul Dolan (Vancouver Whitecaps FC Colour Analyst), Darren Dreger (NHL Insider/TSN), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

Matt and Blake were pleased to welcome fellow Go Goat Sports family member, Darren Dreger to the show. Dregs started off by talking about how the landscape of the business has changed and why he is excited to join us on a weekly basis, every Wednesday. Pivoting from that, he talked about what he has heard on the Travis Hamonic file. Isn’t sure at this point if he will get over what he is dealing with. Doesn’t know the situation with Sutter. Talked about the job that the PA has done convincing players to get vaccinated. Not leaning one way or another with Hamonic. Doesn’t know enough about what he has been told. It’s such a difficult and delicate situation. Talked about Pettersson and Hughes and the ramifications within the organization or even league wide. It was an interesting reaction around the league and Dregs thinks that the Canucks did well with the deals. Some GM’s were surprised that both players didn’t come in on a bridge. Though, everyone thinks this was pretty fair all along. Talked about Brady Tkachuk. Dregs weighed into Evander Kane and the allegations that keep piling up, including the latest with falsifying a vaccination test. Says that nobody in the NHL or the Sharks want to touch this with a 10 foot pole. Says he just can’t stay out of the mud. Talked about Jack Eichel and the latest in his saga. Feels that the situation is moving. Timing is no one’s friend here. Whoever ends up with him is probably going to lose this year’s service. There have been many grenades that the PA has had to dodge over the last year. Hasn’t heard anything recently that the PA should be on alert to replace Don Fehr. 

Paul Dolan, TSN Whitecaps Colour Commentator joined the show to help set up a big World Cup Qualifying window for Canada’s Mens National Team. Started off by talking about Max Crepeau and the opportunity he has in front of him to start for Canada. The team is in good position as there is no pressure there. He has already been here before, in the gold cup. It’s the perfect storm for him to show up and do well. Dolie thinks he will be call upon in the game quite a bit. If Max can get a good run of games, you could see a change moving forward. Talked about the Canadian efforts vs Mexico in the Gold Cup. They probably should have win, and that was without Davies. Paul went down memory lane to talk about some of the results that were positive, even if it was a loss. Shifted to the Whitecaps and what they are up against vs Seattle this weekend. Paul likes what he has seen from this team with Vanni at the helm. The manager doesn’t feel like they are missing anything with Crepeau out of the lineup.

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot and started off by talking about what he saw from Podkolzin last night. Says 2nd period was easily his best of period of the season, not that it was a high bar. Talked about some of the guys who are auditioning that aren’t getting the job done. Talked about where they like Chiasson. Needs a contract first but there is a nice little nugget with him as a PP1 guy. JPat said it was nice to see EP40 ripping one-timers at the net, despite catching Demko up high. Ian Clark went over to have a word with him about keeping it low. Talked about Nic Petan. He has a willingness to do whatever it takes to stay in the NHL. He isn’t the same player he broke into the NHL with. Talked about players the team moved on from today.

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