Oct. 6, 2021

October 5 2021 - Ryan Clark (The Athletic Seattle Kraken Reporter), Patrick Johnston (Post Media Canucks Reporter), Jeff Paterson (Rink Wide Co-Host)

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Ryan Clark, Kraken beat writer for the Athletic joined Matt and Blake to talk about the big opener on the horizon for Seattle. He started talking about how the team will fit into the market. Ryan ran down the preseason schedule for the team and without their building being ready, they have been to a number of different cities in Washington. Talked about game-day presentation and if it will have a Seahawks feel to it. Talked about Jared McCann and how he is a player you keep hearing about. He could be the kind of player who could be a dividends for the Kraken. Talked about the comparisons to the Canucks and if fans around there think that they can be competitive. He says at minimum, the team can be in the Wild Card discussion. Sekeres threw 5 rapid fire questions at him that you will want to hear. 

Patrick Johnston of Post Media joined the guys ahead of the first ever appearance of the Kraken in Vancouver. He talked about the team opening up tickets for 100% capacity. Talked about his chat with Michael Doyle, President, Canucks Sports & Entertainment. PJ gave us his thought on the signing of 40&43.

Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot. Started off talking about seeing 40&43 back on the ice. He confirmed that they did complete a bag skate. JPat talked about the morning press conference that pitted Travis Green vs the media. Travis may have been upset that it went about 12 minutes. Moved on from that by talking about Jack Rathbone and if he has made the team, against how TG makes it seem when he talks about him. Thinks the team wants to keep the thumb on him. Doesn’t expect that he will play all 7 games but it could happen. JPat and the guys looked ahead to the preseason game vs the Kraken and who needs to DO SOMETHING!

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