Oct. 5, 2021

October 4 2021 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), John Shannon (NHL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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The show kicked off today starting with Matt Sekeres and Blake Price talking about the finalizing of the contracts of Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes. They talk about 40 only signing a 3 year deal and what it could look like for him at the conclusion of the deal.

The ‘Welcome Matt’ was on the weekend that was for Vancouver Sports and what we now know about the fabric of our local teams. 

Charean Williams joined the guys after a busy week 4 and started talking about the Sunday Nighter, between Brady v Belichick. Says it was really a boring game and didn’t end the way you would want a game of that ilk to end. Charean talked about what it would have taken for an ending that you would have wanted. A little disappointing the way it played out with Brady not getting any TD passes, despite breaking the overall yards record. She thinks we saw a little bit of Brady not being able to control his emotions and that is when we see him at his worst. Rain could have played a part of that. She talked about the Seahawks and how big a win it was for them over the weekend. You don’t want to lose division games with that being the tie breaker. It will all come down to that. Thought they handled it real well. Talked about the Cardinals and that Kyler Murray would be at the top of the MVP list, thought she knows it’s only four weeks in… Talked about Monday Nighter and who needs its more.

John Shannon, joined the show and started talking about the the Jays coming up a little short in their bid for the post-season. Following that John offers his thoughts on what could be a tough season for Bettman and all the PR issues that his office will need to manage. He says that the players union will also be in a bit of damage control. Talks about Ambien and its role in the game. Talked about the Lehner tweets and John wonders if this could reflect poorly on Nolan Patrick and if he might be the source behind the comments. John asks how much of this is on the player compared to the trainer who may provide it. The league is going to have to pay attention and not stick their head in the sand. Talked about the signing of 40&43. Talked about if Brady Tkachuk might be getting lonely on the island and what kind of contract he might be looking for. With the three of them getting into detail about where both Tkachuk’s could eventually end up with all their connections, even past their father. 

Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake in his regular spot and after a busy weekend, started talking about Brock Boeser and when we might see him back. JPat talked about the effort of Nils Höglander over the weekend. Said the Jets didn’t come close to touching him in the first period. Talked about how fun he is to watch in person. In reference to Boeser being out, it’s not as simple as asking for one winger to replace that line. Who know’s what they do with JT Miller as he will be more of a hybrid player for them. Talked about the game presentation from yesterday and how it stacks up compared to other teams. Noted that it was only Hughes that thanks Benning and the Canucks and not EP40. Talked about cuts to the team and the likes of Jett Woo and Klimovich. JPat doesn’t think Chiasson has done enough to earn and NHL contract. It would be a preferred option to scour the waiver wire to find a suitable option. They are looking hard at their special teams options. 

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