Oct. 29, 2021

October 28 2021 - Vanni Sartini (Vancouver Whitecaps FC Manager), Jay Janower (Global TV), Karin Larsen (CBC Reporter), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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The interim-manager for the Vancouver Whitecaps, Vanni Sartini joined Matt and Blake after an emotional night at BC Place after a 2-2 W over MUFC. It was a fantastic 2nd half with a 2nd goal who deserved to win at the end of the match. It was beautiful to celebrate. It is the triumph of the will to win games like this. Talked about Brian White and what has made him so successful. Vanni says that the team will need to win one of the last 2 matches to clinch playoffs. Talked about what he does after the game. It’s a fantastic bit and you will want to hear it. Talked about what he thinks of himself on TV. Says he is clumsy and is lucky that doesn’t fall. 

Jay Janower joined the show from Global BC. Talked about working sports in news TV. They pride themselves in being local, to search out local stories and telling the amateur stories as well. It bugs him that it is a dying breed. Talked about what he makes of The Canucks this year. He is really perplexed because he likes the moves that GMJB has made. This home-stand is massive for the team. He isn’t seeing the same player he saw in the first season for EP40. If he can’t regain his form, the team is in trouble. He was so confident with the puck on his stick and Jay isn’t seeing any of that lately. He used to fight for pucks, not right now. Talked about the lotto line. Thinks it is hurting Petey right now. Talked about the job Tyler Myers is doing, not picking up penalties and staying on his feet. Talked about Demko and when he should be garnering some Vezina chatter. Talked about having fans back in the seats. Finished off by talking about the sense he is getting from the Abbotsford Canucks. 

Karin Larsen of the CBC joined Matt and Blake to talk about the Whitecaps and the recent and past problems with some of their coaching and the sexual assault cases. She talked about why Bob Birarda had his court date, that was supposed to be today, pushed back. It’s been ninth time it has been pushed back. She says that this is a very normal thing to happen as there is a lot going on. Including some of the charges being applied at different times and the various rules at that time. Talked about the new allegations against Hubert Busby Jr. Talked about the Whitecaps and how they deal with these matters. There seems to be a playbook with the club and how do deal with them. Says that what Mallory Enoch is alleging is criminal in nature. Karin talked about the way this should be dealt with. Thinks there needs to be more transparency. Tried to FOI Canada Soccer and it didn’t pull anything in. Knows that there are documents out there that say something. 

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