Oct. 28, 2021

October 27 2021 - Harman Dayal (The Athletic), Darren Dreger (NHL Insider/TSN), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

Show started off today with Matt and Blake putting out their thoughts on the Chicago Blackhawks investigation and Kyle Beach going public, who was know as John Doe.

Harman Dayal of the Athletic joined Matt and Blake. Started off by talking about what has hindered the teams offence. Says they aren’t creating enough. Special teams has been average. Growing pains with the PK as well. You can see glimpses of the potential, especially if the top guys get going. Worried about the even strength play right now. There is enough talent on the special teams. Says that they will figure it out. The team has strengthened offensive rushes but it could have come at the cost of their even strength play. Lotto line hasn’t generated enough. Talked about if it is time to look at Travis Green and if he is doing a good enough job with this forward group. Harm says anytime you have a roster that isn’t playing to its ability, you have to look at the coaching. The PP is where the coaching has its biggest impact. Five on five is so scramble. PP needs to be a difference maker with even strength not pulling its weight. Would like to see PP a bit less predictable. It has to be Top 5 in the league if this team will make the playoffs. Talked about Podkolzin.

Darren Dreger joined the fellas and was still quite shaken after watching Kyle Beach on SportsCentre. It’s a tough look for the NHL. Says that for Kyle Beach to have the courage to come out, it’s one thing to come out as John Doe, but to come out in front of a camera, takes a lot of courage. Talked about what stood out most to him. It’s a tough one with 20 plus minutes to go through. The emotion of still a young man, 10 or 11 years removed from his experiences and that he sought out help and didn’t get it. There are so many layers but what stood out is that the NHL and those involved, is being disappointed by the PA and the executive. Dregs talked about seeing Beach, with tears streaming, hoping that there is nobody else that goes through this when he was asked what his message to another player going through this situation. The part to DD that is hard to grasp is why didn’t anyone do more. Talked about where the NHL Insiders were when reporting this. He appreciates the questions and there has been a lot of soul searching in his house. Not making any excuses. Trying not to deflect but he is hired to break trades and signing. The fact that there is someone in-house like Rick, who is a bulldog, he goes after it. There is a working newsroom. Says he maybe should have done more to pump Rick. Says he feels like he has been supportive. Doesn’t feel like he needs to have a voice in every single issue but hasn’t avoided it. Apologized for not doing more. Says that the alleged offender has escaped a lot of the criticism. Lots has been heaped on other Hawks executives. 

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