Oct. 27, 2021

October 26 2021 - Patrick Johnston (Post Media), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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A busy show on Sekeres and Price today ahead of the Canucks first home game in front of fans in almost two years. 

Patrick Johnston of Post Media joined Matt and Blake. Talked about what the mood of practice this morning. Says it confirmed his thoughts on the road trip, they should have won in Detroit and lost in Seattle. They are happy with where they’re at. They also know where they need to get to. Points could come our like a dam burst for EP40. The lack of preseason games seems to have affected him. He is in the middle of building a rhythm. We saw Quinn get into it last week, now we need to see Petey follow the lead of his captain and get going. Talked about the PK. It’s a concern. Lots of items on the road trip that said there were troubles. Talked about the Blackhawks mess. There was willful blindness there.

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson in his regular slot joined Matt and Blake and started talking about the capacity and how many tickets might be available. Talked about you never seeing players and coaches on game-day making the media rounds. Jeff reacted to news breaking that Travis Hamonic has reported to the Canucks. Talked about JT Miller. Says he doesn’t think he has been dominant but the points have followed.

It was Matt’s day to sizzle in Hot Take Tuesday, you will want to hear this sizzler. 

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