Oct. 26, 2021

October 25 2021 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), John Shannon (NHL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Co-host Rink Wide), John Garrett (Vancouver Canucks Colour Analyst)

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Pro Football Hall of Famer, Charean Williams joined the show. Started off by talking about TEN knocking off a couple of playoff teams from last year. You start with Derrick Henry and who is the only non-QB in the MVP conversation. He has an uphill climb to get there but he has been that good. Talked about the Bengals and that they look like they will be a good team for a long time. It’s been a really long time since they’ve been able to do something special and the fans have been waiting. It’s a good team on all sides of the ball. Talked about the Monday Nighter. Expecting Saints to win this. They are getting healthy at the right time. Despite  the weather… Talked about the fan who got Brady’s 600th TD ball.

John Shannon, NHL Insider joined Matt and Blake and started talking about Seattle and a few of his adventures have been in Seattle. Says the first ever intro was conservative. It was nothing special. Says that MTL is one of the best in the NHL. The teams have been able to use the arena. Was shocked there wasn’t a giant squid coming out of the ice. Take Johnny Lumberjack, or Johnny Canuck or whatever you want to call him… have him in the tentacles and have at him. Talked about if they even have a Kraken at the ready. Throws out that thought that maybe they ran out of money. Talked about more about Seattle and their playoff hopes. They can’t score goals. You’ve got an issue if your two top guys are Eberle and McCann. Talked about MTL. They are not a very good team, they have no character. They fluke their way to the Stanley Cup Final last year by playing the momentum game. This should not be a surprise. Nobody in Vancouver is complaining about Toffoli not being here this year. 

Our Canucks Reporter, Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot to talk about seeing the Canucks today with his own two eyes. Talked about what we saw in Seattle on the weekend. Was underwhelmed with the pre-game ceremony. Talked about Elias Pettersson and his media availability today. He stood in there and took everything. Thinks it’s a sign of maturity to play the game with the media. He provided insight to his game and how he has been playing as of late. He can be prickly at times, today it was different.

John Garrett, Vancouver Canucks Colour Commentator, joined Matt and Blake. He started off by chatting about coming back to the booth after a bout with Covid. Says he feels pretty good. He is double vaxxed and doesn’t know how he came down with it. Talked about the process and how he found out, when he was in EDM. He was the only one of his close contacts that came away with a positive result. Fortunately he had all the sports packs. Plenty of Young and the Restless, lots of books. Cheech talked about the game vs Seattle. Loves the arena and everyone he has talked to has said it was spectacular. It was something that he was really looking forward to. When they made it 2-1, he was thinking oh-no. Thought they deserved better in Detroit. BUF was a disappointment. The team has that competitive edge. Says that Conor Garland is living up to the billing. He is a talented player and aggravating to play against. He will draw a lot of penalties and hopefully the Canucks can cash in on them. Talked about Demko and that there is no doubt he is the number 1. Talked about EP40. Knowing him and his personality, doesn’t think he puts more pressure on himself. He is that confident that he will come around, length and number of contract doesn’t factor in. Now that there is a long homestead, Travis will be able to put in the matchups he wants.

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