Oct. 23, 2021

October 22 2021 - Dave Tomlinson (Seattle Kraken Colour Commentator), Rick Dhaliwal (Co-Host of Donnie & Dhali), Gregg Bell (Tacoma Tribune Seahawks Reporter), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Captain Gregg Bell of the Tacoma Tribune joined Matt and Blake. Before we got to the Monday Nighter, he expressed his excitement for the Kraken home opener on Saturday that he is covering. On to the Seahawks, he said that nobody envisioned this. No Wilson, no Carson. They’ve been 2-4 before and made the playoffs, but that team had RW3. The backups are there for break glass for emergency only but this is longer than that. Make no mistake, they are up against it. Talked about ways to overcome not having some of their stars. Will see more of a run game with Penny coming back. Talked about Jamal Adams and what he meant by the best in the nation. He got a video that went viral 10 years ago of a then high school player in FLA who was shot and killed as a 31 year old father of three. 

Another fantastic reunion here on Sekeres and Price as we welcome the Colour Analyst for the Seattle Kraken, Dave Tomlinson to the show. Talked about being ready for the home opener and being one of those rare occasions where he has to do more research on his team than the away team. Talked about the process of being getting hired for the job. Told a funny story of having to get googled to get through the border. Talked about the Kraken. They also had a road trip that didn’t do them any favours. Just got into their arena for the first time yesterday. Their forwards are very interchangeable, referenced Gourd and McCann. Ran through what he thought of the Canucks and their stars who are “fine” but not starring. See’s some similarities between this year’s version as he does this year. The Canucks need to look like a team, escaping with a win won’t be good enough. Seattle will be high energy and high octane. Talked about what we will see production wise for the home opener. Says they took a page from Vegas. 

The King of Crown, Rick Dhaliwal joined the show in his regular Friday spot. Says not to worry about Petey, he didn’t go from a 7 million dollar player to a 1 million dollar player overnight. Talked about the deployment of the lotto line and them being broken up. Miller probably isn’t doing cartwheels on the third line. Travis has his quirks as a coach. Rick doesn’t understand Boeser being on PP2, he should be on PP1 as a 6 million plus player. Talked about Poolman and how he had more money elsewhere but thought he would be a good fit here and could fill in that Tanev role. Dhali really likes the way the Burroughs and Rathbone have been really good. Dowling has been great while playing the waiting game for Motte. Talks about the waiver wire and that the team has been hunting high and low for players in Abbotsford. Wouldn’t be surprised if they bring in some toughness.

Jeff Paterson joined the show show in his regular spot and started off with a bit of breaking news regarding the Abby Canucks. Talked about the lotto line. Talked about Seattle and is willing to throw down some cash that there will be a fight as the Kraken have by far and away the most players to drop the gloves, already this season. Talked about OEL and his ability to get shots through. Nice to see a 23 on the Canucks not directing pucks into shin pads. He has been a nice addition for the club. Kraken have struggled to score goals early this season and the Canucks will be hoping that those struggles still continue. Talked about Scotty and that it was fun to hear him back on Vancouver airwaves. Previewed Rink Wide and what is coming up.

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