Oct. 22, 2021

October 21 2021 - Live from the Pemberton Station Pub

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Vancouver Whitecaps FC Striker, Brian White joined Matt and Blake. Started off by chatting about what it was like to be on the pitch and how big a comeback it was. Says it was important to get over the playoff bar. Talked about leaving RBNY, the club and state he calls home. Says the writing was on the wall and it was time for him to leave. The grass has been greener on the other side, for sure. Fell in love with the city as soon as he got here. Hopes to stay with the club because it is working out so well. Says that he has his sights on some club records. It’s been a lot of fun while they are winning. Guys are enjoying this time and the playoff push as well as enjoying each others company. Talked about the interaction with the fans and singing Stand By Me at the end. Fans have been great and really looking forward to the last 2 games. Talked about Nerwinski and being a great friend, before they were teammates.

Scott Rintoul, veteran Vancouver broadcaster joined Matt and Blake for the first time in nearly 4 years. And the first time he has hit the airwaves since his departure from Rogers, a month ago. Started off by a talking to the audience for some thoughts as you no longer get a chance to have a last show these days. Talked about what it was like to serve two markets, in Vancouver and Calgary. Somehow he managed to watch all the games. Talked about working with Karen Surman. It was overdue for her to get a shot. Talked about the Canucks and how they’re doing. Followed that up with thoughts on full capacity. Talked about the Whitecaps and if they are for real. Makes a great point about nobody wanting to deal with Gauld and White right now. Talked about Lions. There is a lot of work, not just on the football field, to get people back to the games. New ownership needs to learn on how to understand the common man. 

Jeff Paterson, Canucks Reporter in his regular spot. Started talking about Podkolzin and why he will be healthy scratched. JPat is ok with him sitting a game out here. Not like he has burned the lights out his first four games. This will be an eye-opener for him as he takes this game in the press box. Talked about EP40 and the club needing him now. Talked about the starting goalies. The game will be delayed because Patrick Kane is being celebrated for his 1000 games., despite it being after the fact. Talked about Adam Gaudette and him being healthy scratch. Who knows where his NHL career goes from here. 

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