Oct. 21, 2021

October 20 2021 - Tom Mayenknecht (Host of The Sport Market), Keith Law (The Athletic Baseball Writer), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

Keith Law, Baseball writer for the Athletic joined Matt and Blake to talk automated strike zones. Says we saw missed calls in both games. Can understand that there will be missed calls by umpires, some calls will be missed by automated strike calls. No technology will be right 100% of the time. Talked about the Arizona Fall League experiment. The unfortunate part is that there is lot more walks. They could recalibrate the system. Keith wants to see automated pitches being called but there will need to be a redefinition of the strike-zone. The umpire shouldn’t determine the length of the game. Says that Manfred spends talking about what is wrong with the game and not about what is right. Thinks that zone should be extended east to west, not north to south. Talked about Pivetta. Keith has been following him since A-ball. He is clear three-pitch guy now, compared to being a two-pitch guy in the minors. Talked about who he likes moving forward in the post-season. Freely admits he would have picked the Dodgers. Will still say the Dodgers despite the odds being against them. Thinks Houston could still do it despite the series not going the way.

Host of the Sport Market, Tom Mayenknecht joined Sekeres and Price to talk about how everything is happening, sports wise, right now. Started off by talking about full capacity at Rogers Arena. Says the Canucks were standing out like a sore thumb after every other team in the NHL got the blessing to move to full capacity. Can’t imagine how hard it’s been to market to season ticket holders on a hope and a prayer that it would move that way. It’s an advantage to have demand after a six game road trip but it can also come back and bite you in the butt if the performances aren’t there.

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot to offer his thoughts on a horrendous game by the Vancouver Canucks against Buffalo. JPat put it on the players. They had a chance to catch their breath and enjoy a football game in Detroit. Fatigue was not a factor. They just needed more from the guys that were there. Says that Travis Green agrees with him. He JPat himself on the back for calling on Bo to do ‘Do Something’, which he did. Talked about the defence and where they rank in the league. Talked about the practice that took place this morning and if it the coach cracking the whip was because of the performance last night. They were lucky it was a road game last night. We know what they would have faced at home in front of fans. Talked about Jason Dickinson calling the team soft. It was a jarring statement.

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