Oct. 20, 2021

October 19 2021 - Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Patrick Johnston (The Province), Rod Black (Legendary Canadian Sports Broadcaster)

Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake, not in his regular spot but right off the hopper, for the Pregame Show. Naturally, started talking about the Arizona Coyotes and their woes after giving up 5 goals in 5 minutes last night. Transitioning… says their PK will need to step up with 4 of Buffalo’s 6 goals coming via the PP. Talked about Quinn Hughes and a curious pattern of him not being on the ice. Thinks that something is clearly bothering him.  Talked about Brad Hunt who is the likely replacement for QH tonight. In fact, through the hit news came in that QH would not be in the lineup. Talked about why Petan needed to be DFA’d. Talked about the last time the Canucks played Craig Anderson. 

Patrick Johnston of Post Media joined Matt and Blake. Started off by chatting about full capacity. Doesn’t think they had any inside information but was the reason why they requested a road start. Has heard some squabble about not digitally checking vaccine records, only going with visual. Thinks it will be a full house as people just want to get back to doing things. Talked about what players who aren’t vaccinated can and can’t do. Finished off by talking about if he would take his family to an event.

The legendary sportscaster, Rod Black joined Matt and Blake to take a trip down memory lane after he parted ways with TSN last week. Talked about what he will miss the most. Right up there will be his broadcast partners. He had many covering so many different sports. Talked about what he wants to see more of. Referenced 30 for 30 and want to see more of those stories being told in Canada. Talked about the blessing and the curse that is never saying ‘no’. Professed his love for Figure Skating and what covering it meant to him. Talked about working the Raptors games from day one to them lifting a championship. Ran through the names of the people who worked in Basketball.

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