Oct. 19, 2021

October 18 2021 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), John Shannon (NHL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Corey Basso (Vancouver Whitecaps FC Radio Play-by-Play)

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Charean Williams, Mother Football, joined the guys to recap week 6 of the NFL season. Started off with the Seahawks and how they look with RW3 on the sidelines. She has never seen anything like it before. He was probably as involved as Geno Smith was in the game. He is trying to do his part while being out. She thinks Cam Newton makes perfect sense for them. Though, it might not make sense for Cam. He would want to go somewhere that isn’t temporary. They needed to do it last week after he got hurt. Talked about Dallas and their injured QB. They need to make sure he is fit so it doesn’t come back to bight them.

John Shannon, Monday regular joined Matt and Blake and started off by chatting about the broadcast quality for the NHL’s new American partners. Says that when they paid as much as they did they have a right to try new things but that existing methods are tried and true. Talked about Evander Kane and his 21 game suspension. Also about his thoughts on Travis Hamonic and his situation. Says the Canucks can’t even legally talk about his vaccination status. You take the team for their word and move on. Talked about the salary cap. Referenced Luongo’s contract that the Canucks are still paying. It hasn’t been a smooth ride from the start of the cap era but thinks that they’ve got almost every loop-hole closed. Talked about Tampa Bay and their familiar problems on the injury front. John says he doesn’t think Tampa is panicking. Even though they aren’t as deep as they were last year.

Jeff Paterson joined the show in his usual slot to talk about the Canucks. Started off by saying they haven’t scored first in any of their games. Says they may need to win a face off for starters. They are dead last in the league right now. EP40 can’t be a legitimate first line centre if he continues at 25% in the circle. Talked about the special teams. Team has given up a PP goal in each of their three games. Talked to what Tyler Motte brings to the PK. Was hoping that we would have seen him sometime this trip. Jeff’s hunch is that we won’t see him as he isn’t with the team currently. Talked about Hamonic and his leave of absence. Something doesn’t pass the smell test with the word “temporary”. Says we are going down the same road as last year. He was dreadful to start the season. 

The radio voice of the Vancouver Whitecaps, Corey Basso joined Matt and Blake after another big win by the team over SKC. Talked about the roller coaster of a season it has been. Says he doesn’t know if it would be the same if they didn’t come back to BC Place and were still in Salt Lake. One can only wonder what the season would have looked like had they been here the entire time. Talked about the team being in lock-step with those teams around them. Talked about Russell Teibert. There has been some criticism of him but when he scores, they are big goals. Ran through the schedule and how it could play out. Talked about Vanni Sartini and if he has a shot at the permanent job. Says that he has a different approach than that of Dos Santos. 

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