Oct. 16, 2021

October 15 2021 - Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Rick Dhaliwal (Co-Host Donnie & Dhali), John Herdman (Canadian Men’s National Team Head Coach), Gregg Bell (Seahawks Reporter)

Rick Dhaliwal joined the show and started off chatting about Brock Boeser. Says he wouldn’t put Boeser in unless he is 100%. Just one little thing to get it past. They’ll hope for tomorrow but they are really hoping it can be this weekend. Talked about the back story with Zach MacEwen. He just couldn’t become an everyday player with Travis Green as the coach. Talked about about Abby is hunting high and low for players after losing a couple on waivers. Guys like MacEwen, Gadjovich and Lind were going to be familiar names in the Lower Mainland. That being said, Lockwood is there, Klimovich is there for now. Will need to monitor him in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Talked about broadcasting crews and the difficulties that go with travel in covid.

Tacoma Tribune Seahawks Beat Reporter, Capt. Gregg Bell joined the show to set up the Seahawks game this weekend and started off by chatting about Geno Smith and his chances. It’ll be more difficult without a defence and Chris Carson. It’ll be the run game and defence that will decide the winner, not Geno. Chris Carson is highlighting the problem with guaranteeing money for running backs. This seahawks team is so flawed on both sides of the ball. They could have all of the greats at QB at one time but it doesn’t matter with all their short comings elsewhere. Gregg thinks RW3 will still be there on the sideline wearing pads and all that. Talked about the Kraken and how much he is enjoying hockey in Seattle. 

Canadian Men’s National Team Head Coach, John Herdman joined Matt and Blake to talk about the incredible run of form that he says has been a wonderful experience. To be able to get on the front foot at the Azteca. He knows they have the talent who have the license to get at it. Talked about the win vs Panama at home. It had a little bit of everything. Including goals, which is what people pay to see. Talked about the melee down in the corner and what happened. When one goes down everyone comes in. Talked about the Davies goal and the madness surrounding it. Just to see him do it at home was special. Coach says it’ll mean nothing if it doesn’t go. Talked about the next home game in EDM. Having Davies go back home with be inspiring. He has been there with 60K fans for the women. Talked about potentially coming to BC Place in January. Says that he can’t confirm or deny but he would love to. There is a lot that goes into picking venues, including travel of the team and incoming players. 

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