Oct. 13, 2021

October 12 2021 - Patrick Johnston (The Province), Charean Williams (NFL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

Patrick Johnston of Post Media joined Matt and Blake after a busy long weekend for the Canucks. Talked about the Juolevi trade and his thoughts. Says they did well if well means to get a bust of a first rounder out of the picture. Talked about what Juulsen will bring to Abbotsford. Talked about Chiasson and what he will bring to the team. Well casted as a 4th line guy who can move up in a pinch, having played with McDavid and Draisaitl. Talked about Boeser and when he could be back. PJ’s best guess is that it’s muscular. Because we haven’t seen him skates suggests that it could be something there. Says the ice in Abby wasn’t great.

Charean Williams joined the show after a busy Week 5 in the NFL and Jon Gruden resigning as head coach of the Raiders. She didn’t cover JG on a regular basis in her time in Tampa. Talked about the emails, it’s a lot to take in 650 thousand. The question of who leaked them has not been answered. She guarantees that he isn’t the only one to talk and think like this. Thinks that is someone from the NFL who released them and wanted Gruden gone. Thinks that we might see some resignations that makes no sense on the surface that could stem from these emails. Talked about the Seahawks and if it is time to tear it down and rebuild. Didn’t know where they were headed with Russell Wilson, now it’s even more up in the air. Threw a trade scenario with HOU to maybe get a Deshaun Watson once all his legal matters are settled. Talked about Josh Allen and the Bills and taking the next step after making a huge statement against KC on the weekend. Charean talked about Urban Meyer and how much longer is in in the pro game. To get rid of him, you will need a negotiation. If he makes it past the bye-week, he will keep his job for the rest of the season. This has not worked out for either party. 

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot. Started off by chatting about our poll question and if he is happy with the Canucks roster. Says there are a few too many holes for his liking. Talked about Brock Boeser and his physical state, based on what he saw at the rink. Talked about Chiasson and how he has worked his way onto his last three teams via the PTO. JPat thinks Motte is closer than we initially anticipated. Talked about where Rathbone might land in the lineup for the first game, if he does at all… 

Yet another entertaining edition of Hot Take Tuesday with sizzlers being handed out like candy.

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