Nov. 9, 2021

November 8 2021 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), John Shannon (NHL Insider), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Axel Schuster (Vancouver Whitecaps FC)November 8 2021 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), John Shannon (NHL Insider), Jeff Paterso

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Charean Williams joined Matt and Blake, as usual on a Monday to wrap up week 9 after a lot of upsets. Started off by talking about the Cowboys loss. Charean says it is just a one-off as opposed to saying something about the team. Says that Dak didn’t play well and his injured calf has nothing to do with it. Perhaps it could have been rust. The Defence is a concern. Talked about the Bills loss. Says this one is just a one-off as well. To score 6 points against Jax is a head-scratcher. Concerned that Bills would lay an egg abasing a team like that. Said that LAR losing to TEN is also a one-off as TEN is better than what people give them credit for. Stafford looked like the Stafford he was in DET. Talked about NEP and how to win with Mac Jones. If you can run the ball and play defence, you will win a lot of games. Tampa needs to run the ball better. Talked about the job Kyle Shanahan has done with the 9ers. This is an average to below-average team since Lynch and him have come in. At sometime they will have to make a decision if they are going to have to move on. Depending on how the season goes, they may need to go get a veteran QB. Talked about Rodgers and his availability this week and what the rest of the league thinks about his situation. Says they let him do whatever he wants. Packers will come out with 2 game plans depending on if AR is back in the lineup. Thinks it could have improved his MVP chances. 

John Shannon joined the show in his regular spot. Talked about why he stays up late to watch west coast games. Thank goodness the PP started going, he said. Says JT Miller is the battery that makes this thing happen. Demko is doing his job and the forwards are getting into the right gear. More positives than negatives at this time. We can’t measure the emotional aspect that they go through. When they get snake bit, it’s not a good thing. Nobody expected Flames to do what they are doing. They have been a real surprise. When you go on an eastern road swing for 5 games and come back with 10 points, you are doing something right. They’ve done some good things there, a lot of it has to do with Markstrom. Sutter creates accountability. Talked about the Eichel trade. Not sure that BUF could have gotten more. They did what they had to do and that was to get rid of 10 millions dollars and got some prospects. Adams was handcuffed in this deal. Peggula’s made it clear they had to move him to a team in the West and couldn’t take money back. Talked about the FLA coaching situation and if they let Brunette finish the season. Thinks that Colliton lost the room in CHI before the scandal happened. John thinks that he kept his job longer because Bowman stepped away. They played so poorly on Friday night that they had to do something. 

The CEO of the Vancouver Whitecaps, Axel Shuster joined Matt and Blake fresh on the news of the announcement of when their playoff game will be against Sporting KC. Started talking about the team not getting down on itself after giving one up. Says the game was a little more difficult but it was no problem. They want to be world class in handling suffering. The team reacted the right way and played a great 2nd half. To find out at the end that there was no security blanket. It was the perfect ending for them to do it all on their own. Talked about what it meant to have 25K fans in the stands. It was incredible. Never had anything like that after the last 2 years. They got it exactly when they needed it. The fans backed them up. They would not have gotten the point without the fans. Talked about Brian White coming in mid season and if he had any indication that he could have done what he did. Says they always try to stay conservative in their expectations of incoming players. It was something that you couldn’t predict with Brian. Says the staff played a big part in settling him. The coaching staff found the best way to use these players coming in. Almost the perfect package they go in-season. Talked about Florian Jungwirth and what they expected from him. Wanted leadership from him, starting 32 Bundesliga games. You need an emotional leader who pushes guys on the pitch. He also over performed. Signed him as an addition, turned out to be a guy who started most of the games since he game. He fit into the culture, along with White and Gauld. Talked about what is holding up the hiring of Sartini as a permanent head coach. Says that they need to be comfortable to sit down and speak about it. Every time they talk, it’s about the game in front of them. It won’t help them to win a game to sit and talk about the head coach. It doesn’t come only with a signature but with a strategy and the next steps to do. Talked about officiating and the noise SKC made against the officials. He trusts that every referee is doing their best and doesn’t want to make mistakes. Was happy there was no camera on him when the PK was called within the first 5 minutes. He can say that if he was the ref it would be way worse. Talked about when we may see Vite. He has to earn his spot but he has very special skills. He can think quicker than anyone else on the pitch. He is a real player, his coaches tell him. Talked about the suspended executives and who is picking up the added responsibilities. They have already hired a new new executives as he builds the club off the pitch. Talked about the teams interactions with the investigator. Will wait until the investigations has concluded and the recommendations that come before he makes decisions.

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