Nov. 6, 2021

November 5 2021 - Ryan Johansen (Nashville Predators Forward), Rick Dhaliwal (Co-Host of Donnie and Dhali), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Maxime Crepeau (Vancouver Whitecaps FC GoalKeeper)

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Ryan Johansen of the Nashville Predators joined Matt and Blake ahead of their Friday game vs the Canucks on Friday night. Talked about playing back in his hometown for the first time in a long while. Said how much he liked getting on a plane and flying out of EDM rather than having to stay for there for the bubble. Talked about the start to the season for the team. Everyone tries to get off to a good start to the season and feels that the team has played well enough to win. Talked about the identity of the team. They are embracing the identity of being a hard working, ugly team that others hate to play against them. Talked about “The Herd Line”. References back to the identity of the team and they set the pace and the mentality for the team. Talked about Colton Scissons and the kind of player he is. Ryan wasn’t surprised that Fabbro is bringing 100 people. Says he is Italian and that’s how they roll. A lot of great people in that family. Being back and seeing the rain makes it feel just like home after a year and a half. Talked about how much he is looking forward to Seattle.

Rick Dhaliwal joined Matt and Blake and started off by being complimentary of the studio. Than he explained why he wasn’t at the launch for it. Compared our chairs with the chairs on their set. Talked about Podkolzin. Wonders if Brock Boeser is hurt. Referenced a video that he didn’t look to happy in. It’s his contract year. The Canucks could potentially have 5 guys on the US Olympic Team. Was told Boeser was almost a lock. Garland stock has gone way up. Was told the Americans are very impressed with him. If BB is going to make it, he needs to score goals. Has to be a top 6 goal-scoring winger for that team. Demko and Hughes are for sure. Talked about Hamonic and when he could be able to cross the border. Talked about GMJB telling the media to get lost on the Hamonic subject. Talked about Klimovich. He is going to be living with Silovs.

Vancouver Whitecaps and Canada’s Mens National Team goalkeeper joined Matt and Blake to chat about the big matchup vs Seattle this weekend. Says these are the games that you want to play. Talked about his routine going into a big game. Says this is the biggest club game he will play in. Everyone needs to show up and be the best player they can be. This can be big for the city to reconnect with the fans. Talked about the streak they have been on. Talked about the Canadian Championships and what it would have been like to insert a lot of games at a crucial time for league play. 

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