Nov. 5, 2021

November 4 2021 - Alex Anthopoulos (Atlanta Braves GM), Tony Gallagher (Hockey Hall of Fame Member), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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The General Manager of the World Series winning, Atlanta Braves, Alex Anthopoulos joined Matt and Blake. Started off by chatting about why making the rounds in Canadian Media was so important, including this very show. Talked about how he is feeling after contracting Covid 19. Everything is going well, he can take part in the parade tomorrow. Then it’s right back to work the following Monday. Says his wife was more crushed than he was missing the party after winning the Championship. The parade is what he has always sold his kids on. The bottom line is he just wanted to win. Says there is always next time. Talked about the feeling of winning. Everything coming through that touches him. Talked about the difference between this outpouring of support and that of leaving TO. Says he never got to enjoy his time working there because he was always working. Talked about experiencing the final out at home with his kids. Wanted to see them watch everyone they know on TV. Thinks tomorrow will be when they see the festivities tomorrow. Once they see that they will understand the impact of sport and the community rallying and coming together. Talked about the future of this team. Would love to think they could do this every year but knows how difficult it is. 

Legendary Canucks Writer and Hockey Hall of Fame Member, Tony Gallagher joined us today, in studio. Started off talking about the face-off woes on the PP for the Canucks. Talked about the EP40 struggles. Talked about life in retirement. Talked about the festivities surrounding the induction into the hall. Talked about his relationships with some of the guys who are going in with him. Talked about his relationship with Jason Botchford. Talked about how disappointing he is that not much is written about Canucks management.  Talked about Gillis and if would want to take on the top job at the PA. 

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