Dec. 1, 2021

November 30 2021 - Kat Botchford, Patrick Johnston (Post Media), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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The show kicked off with a Welcome Matt on how Trevor Linden might feel about all this.

Kathryn Botchford, of the Botchford Project joined Matt and Blake to talk about the legacy Jason left in this market. The more we can focus on his legacy and how pay it forward, the better. Talked about how he was with younger reporters and those looking to get in the industry. Talked about how people have embraced this project. She gave a lot of credit to JPat who has been the voice of this project. Talked about what she looks for in a candidate. What is your voice. Are you going to challenge the status quo? She takes this seriously. It’s bitter sweet and she gets emotional and understands that she has the potential to change a career. Talked about how life is now. It’s been challenging since moving back east about a year ago. Talked about the hall of fame luncheon as a guest of Tony Gallagher. Talked about bringing Jason’s father with her.

The Price is Right is on Vanni Sartini and his new deal with the Whitecaps. 

Patrick Johnston of Post Media joined Matt and Blake with plenty to discuss. Talked about which was more important, the EP40 goal or the win. They needed their star to show he still knows how to do it because for awhile, it didn’t look like he did. Talked about the new Covid variant and if it could throw a wrench into the hockey season. People are still allowed to go to Canucks games because we have done such a good job of preventative measures. The fourth wave is declining and hospitals are still in good shape. Talked about if December will save the jobs of Green and Benning. Talked about the Aquilini family and how this team could be passed through the grandkids. It’s a large part of the family wealth and PJ doesn’t see it going anywhere. Talked about potential replacements for Green and Benning. 

Jeff Paterson, our Canucks reporter was back in his regular spot. Talked about how nice it was to see a win in the last game. Talked about EP40 and that he finally dug in that forced opponents to react to him. He is one of the few guys that has the ability. Wonders if he is the third line centre the team has been looking for… Talked about Travis Hamonic and where he could possibly be as well as his deployment in both Vancouver and Utica. 

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