Nov. 4, 2021

November 3 2021 - JJ Adams (The Province Whitecaps Reporter), Darren Dreger (Hockey Insider/TSN), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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JJ Adams, Whitecaps FC Reporter for Post Media joined Matt and Blake after the team drew 1-1 at LAFC. Talked about the result. Since they currently sit in a playoff spot, everyone else they are in contention with could lose and they would make it. The last home game they played was vs SJ and they had Jungwirth as their CB. JJ says that the Caps scoring so early could have thrown them off. It was all LAFC after that. Reminded him of the last time they played each other back in August. They wouldn’t have come away with any points in either of the games if it weren’t for Crepeau. Brian White is unreal, says JJ. Talked about how the season turned around so dramatically. You can’t understate the impact of Ryan Gauld. He drives the play in the final third. They had the bones of a good team before him and it’s all coming together. What they’ve done under Vanni is far more entertaining. You can see the identity that they wanted before. They aren’t being hemmed into their own box under siege. They’ve turned the corner and full credit to Vanni and Gauld.  Talked about Seattle. They are very daunting at full strength. It should be a really outstanding game between two teams who have a lot to play for. Talked about the team’s troubles off the pitch. October 19th is the first time Shuster was made aware of the allegations against Busby. Says you would have thought that the team would have made him aware of that. They did not… That would really upset him. **We are coming to a time of reckoning and change.** The league is not too impressed with this team. Talks about the other similar allegations that the club has clearly not learned from. 

Darren Dreger of the Ray and Dregs Podcast joined Matt and Blake and started off by chatting about the Eichel trade speculation. Dregs says to be careful about what you hear. The reaction he has received following up on it isn’t very positive. Sooner than later the Sabres need to find a deal. Talked about outside pressure. Knows that Daly has been actively involved in this but doesn’t think he is applying any pressure. Says that the NHLPA is thinking of filing a grievance. Nobody wants to go down that path. Wonders what the teams involved are thinking while the decision lingers after fair offers have been made. Thinks that it’s a collective pressure to get a deal done. Talked about Kevin Weekes report. Says it’s hard to comment on it. You don’t want to establish that that is the deal. Talked about his thoughts on the Bettman presser. Felt like it was cold. Very legally. You saw two decorated lawyers on full display. Was disappointing to see the way they skirted Westhead. Can appreciate the legal talk but it felt like there was a coldness about that that we didn’t get from WPG brass. Talked about Chipman and his sincerity. Talked about the PIT scandal. Says that this isn’t new for the NHL. Talked about the future of Gary and if he could be out of a job. Believes that he still has the vast majority of support from his owners. There is no question that they have questions about what has been going on. They just want to make sure they can ask the questions they can ask. Doesn’t think he is in a pile of heat here. Ownership sources are asking why the fine for the Blackhawks was so light.

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