Nov. 30, 2021

November 29 2021 - Canucks Pre-Game with Jeff Paterson, Charean Williams (NFL Insider), John Shannon (Co- Host of the Bob McGown Podcast)

The Welcome Matt kicked off the show and Matt went over his weekend Twitter activity and why he has a problem with network coverage of the Vancouver Canucks. 

Jeff Paterson, our Canucks Reporter, joined us off the top to look into some of the storylines leading into the the game vs Montreal. 

The Price is Right on the state of Elias Pettersson.

Charean Williams joined Matt and Blake and started talking about if Kingsbury would really leave the Cards for a college job. Does him no good to say he isn’t interested while he is looking for a raise. Don’t need to worry about the kids in the NFL, you have a GM for all that. Head Coach is the easiest life at any level of football. Talked about if we will see the Seahawks on primetime again. Says they could go on a run where week 18 might be important. Talked about who the best teams are. The Rams defence befuddles her. Thinks she’s had at least 5 or 6 teams as the top team throughout the season. Talked about the hoodie in New England. Doesn’t see them going to the SB because they have a rookie QB. DIdn’t see it coming. Talked about the Bengals and how long it’s been since they have done anything. Talked about the Chargers and who they are. They have a lot of talent. Go down the list and it’s so much talent. Thinks they have underachieved. 

NHL Insider, John Shannon joined Matt and Blake and talked about the week that was for the Vancouver Canucks in terms of front office moves. Talked about who will help the Canucks search for their new executives. Talked about the process of hiring when the NHL is lending a helping hand. Talked about the MTL situation and Jeff Gorton. Talked about Alain Vigneault. Talked about Petey and his decline. Referenced Jeff Skinner signing for 9 million and scoring 2 goals. The thing about EP40 is it’s so early in his career that puts you in a quandary. Wonders if his wrist ever gets back to 100%. It’s so important for his game. People can move him off the puck. The first year and a half players were scared of him. Talked about the possibility of Scott Mellanby joining the franchise in Vancouver. John hasn’t heard anything. It was the first thing that John thought have when he resigned from MTL. JS is not concerned about the future of Scott Mellanby. He will be back in hockey very soon. 

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