Nov. 27, 2021

November 26 2021 - Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Rick Dhaliwal (Co-Host of Donnie and Dhali), Jarmo Kekäläinen (Columbus Blue Jackets General Manager), Gregg Bell (Seahawks Reporter)

Jeff Paterson, our Canucks Reporter, joined us off the top to look into some of the storylines leading into the the game vs Columbus.

Rick Dhaliwal, host of Donnie and Dhali. Came on and started talking about what John Weisbrod does. Couldn’t believe Blake tweeted it out. Rick has had that conversation. Thinks that Travis Green is angry with Matt. He doesn’t believe there is that rift in the dressing room. There is no way they should be happy. They are a bottom 5 team. Rick talked about all the rumours that are circulating out there right now. There are people that are wanting to leak certain names in this market. Rick really thought something was going to happen Thursday morning. Heard Claude Julien’s name three to four weeks back. It’s a name that has popped up. Would not be surprised if they have touched base with him Doesn’t know if the team has permission to reach out. Doesn’t see a big name coming in right now. Talked about some of the players who left. 

Jarmo Kekalainen joined Matt and Blake to talk about his career and the CLB Blue Jackets. Talked about their late prospect and how the team rallied around that moment. Talked what it will take for more European’s coming to work in the NHL outside of being a player. Talked about Team Finland and being involved in that for the Olympics. 

Gregg Bell of the News Tribune in Tacoma joined Matt and Blake ahead of the Seahawks game this weekend. Says they need to win one game before they talk about going on a run, being 4 games below 500. It’s foreign to them to be out of it in November. They will rally if their QB plays better. All evidence is that he came back too soon. He has to play better. This is an issue they haven’t had in 10 years. Talked about the weeks he was out and the wobbly balls that have been thrown since he came back. You have to figure he will get better. If he gets better, they have a chance. Doesn’t get the sense the owner wants the operation starting over. Talked about if this could be the last time we see the Seahawks in primetime. Gregg thinks that this is where this is headed, we’ll see if they rally.

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