Nov. 26, 2021

November 25 2021 - Scott Rintoul (Vancouver Sportscaster), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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We kick off the show with a Welcome Matt that questions the health of Luigi Aquilini where Matt wonders if he is in good health, otherwise why is he letting his good name be dragged through the mud. 

Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake and started off with the state of the Canucks. Says that days like this does and doesn’t make him miss talking about it everyday for 4 hours. Says it’s an angry fan base right now, not apathetic. It’s pretty obvious something needs to change here and simply trading a player won’t fix anything. Thinks changes are coming. Talked about J.T. Miller. He can be a very polarizing figure. There is no doubting how much he wants to win and do everything he can do to win. Fans want to see the same fire in the belly from a lot of the other players. He is will to leave it out there despite a lot of people not liking it. Thinks it’s adding to the negativity but it’s never stopped him from saying what he wants to say. Scotty talks about Hockey Helps the Homeless and why he is hosting the event for them this year

Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot. In an effort to not talk about the Canucks, JPat talks about the cannon. Alas, back on track and Jeff tells us why he is concerned with EP40. Jeff answered the Bodog Poll Question, saying this isn’t rock bottom for the Canucks. Suggests there is more room to fall. Talked about the Blues, the year they won the cup and what ensued that year for them to get to the bottom.

It was another very entertaining edition of Take 5 Thursday where Blake was looking to even the standings on a near impossible argument. You’ll want to hear it!

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