Nov. 25, 2021

November 24 2021 - Canucks Pre-Game, Darren Dreger (TSN Hockey Analyst)

Jeff Paterson joined the show right off the top as we kicked off with pregame ahead of Canucks in Pittsburgh. We find out who JPat’s Do Something is. 

Darren Dreger of the Ray and Dregs Podcast joined Matt and Blake for the latest on what he is hearing with the Canucks. Dregs is hearing more of the same, it’s quiet. We can assume if Jim Benning remains as GM, he will continue to make and receive calls. Time will tell if he has the rope to do anything. Things have calmed a little bit from a media and fan perspective. Doesn’t mean the appetite has subsided. When there is weakness and trouble brewing you have other GM’s circling. Still at a point where it is dollar in and dollar out, which is problematic for most teams in the NHL. Talked about firing the coach and absorbing the bullet. Questions firing the GM when it won’t change much now. Says that it’s likely the roster doesn’t change between now and the trade deadline. Talked about a potential trade of J.T. Miller. Doesn’t believe there has been any dialect between VAN and MIN. Despite how attractive a player he is. Talked about Benning as a GM. Talked about how hot Travis Green’s seat is. Feels if Benning had the authority to fire him, he would have by now. 

We heard the Welcome Matt later in the show. It addressed the clash that may exist in the Canucks dressing room with their leaders.

Another Hot Take Wednesday addition, with Blake’s turn to sizzle. Could he do it?

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