Nov. 24, 2021

November 23 2021 - Ray Ferraro (ESPN/TSN), Patrick Johnston (Post Media), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Ray Ferraro of the Ray and Dregs Podcast and the NHL on ESPN and TSN joined Matt and Blake. Ray is excited for the first ABC Game in BOS. Talked about the vast amount of networks he works at. Says it’s all the same house, just a different door. Whatever they slide on the mic, he is happy. Talked about the Vancouver Canucks and the drama that has ensued. There were all these issues that were waiting to arrear their head. If you ask him are they ready to compete? Compete for what? He asks. THey’ve put themselves in a box they can’t get out of. Talked about Podkolzin. He is a legit middle six player. Maybe he can get to top line. You have EP40 and Hughes. Petey is still a great player, hasn’t shown in lately, but he is there. Ray is curious about where the good young players are coming from. There is nobody that can escape scrutiny right now. There are flaws everywhere. Says the PK is like him out there as a player, he was a 60% PK player, if he played that. Travis has to wear the PK struggles. The PP that used to be able to hum along. Nowhere to be found. Related it to the Avalanche and all the bodies they are missing but still making it work. Their PP is like musical chairs. Whatever they think movement is, it’s the same 5 places. It’s not movement. Doesn’t know how the kill against Colorado can keep track of the guys, they are all over the place. Says that the team needs to care less and they will be able to do more. Liked to to Blakes putting game. Ray has had meetings where GM’s come into room and say “nothing is happening and the answer is in the room”. Might make a trade 3 days later but that’s not the point. Told a story about that happening in Tampa. They can’t trade Motte. Who would possibly play on the PK. Talked about what a presidential signing would look like. It’s a significant move that takes time and finesse. Is the season already lost? The answer is no. That means the team has to go on a run. They aren’t sitting very pretty here. They could get to 5th in the div. Maybe they could get to 4th, that still wouldn’t get them in. Is this heading for a rebuild? This question only lays with the answer. Thinks a Canadian market is a perfect place to rebuild. Everyone understands on a deep level what that means. Start hoarding picks instead of throwing them away, instead of letting players leave as FA’s. Pointed to Jannik Hansen as to why you need draft picks. The Canucks have vomited picks for years.

Patrick Johnston of the Province joined for his regular Tuesday spot. Started off addressing the poll question and what the Canucks mean by maintenance day. There was a while they were trending in the right direction with their description of the term. Not the first time a regular player has had a day of practice off. Doesn’t recall any similar instances if they were holding him off for a trade. PJ thinks JT’s value will me more, closer to the deadline. They wouldn’t be trading from a position of strength at the moment. Says that making a trade now won’t do anything for you. 

Jeff Paterson, our Canucks reporter joined in his regular spot. Started off talking about J.T. Miller and why he might have a maintenance day. They are playing the “bejesus” out of this guy. 3rd in ice time behind Oilers dynamic duo. Talked about the Botchford Project. 

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