Nov. 20, 2021

November 19 2021 - Vanni Sartini (Vancouver Whitecaps FC), Rick Dhaliwal (Co-Host of Donnie and Dhali), Gregg Bell (Seahawks Beat Reporter)

Vanni Sartini joined Matt and Jeff ahead of their playoff match in SCK. Says it will be hard for everyone. They will be the underdog going in as the 6 seed. Talked about having to go out and play with nothing to lose and fearless. They are trying to force them and play them high. Spoke to the environment with their crowd. Talked about confidence of the club. Always wants to talk about the team and not an individual player. It’s always about the team. When one player flourishes, it’s because of the team. Says it was good that he won the first 2 games in charge which gave the team confidence and trust in him to do what he wanted to do. Says he needed a few days to recover. His wife was happy that he finally flew to Kansas City so as he was driving her crazy. Talked about the plan for the game. They have an idea with the starting XI. They have option A, B and C depending on how the game goes. For sure they will need more than 11 players. Will use all the players. Needs the intensity to be as high as it can. All the players on the bench can guarantee quality. The most important part is organization. Talked about what Ryan Gauld has meant to the organization. He has brought a lot. When MLS established the DP, his impact is what they had in mind. Gave himself a 7 out of 10 on his Nona’s lasagna. 

Host of Donnie and Dhali, Rick Dhaliwal joined Matt and Jeff to talk about what he is hearing. First off was how close he thinks ownership came to making a change. Thinks the only people who know what is going on is ownership. They should not be concerned about money with what the family is worth. They have spent a ton of money and always spent to the cap. Talked about the communication between teams and agents. Talked about how the farm is looking. 

Gregg Bell of the News Tribune in Tacoma joined to talk about the Seahawks. Talked about if it this weekend is a must win. They have to get to 500 and win some games before they think about playoffs. Usually if you are 3 and 6 around this time, playoffs become a Jim Mora PLAYOFFS? But not this year. NFC only has 6 winning teams and 7 go to the playoffs. Even if Kyler Murray doesn’t play, ARI still have a lot going for them. Talked about their defence. Plenty of sacks and secondary is firing as well. Talked about how they can get defences to play more honestly. Run more, shorter throws. A healthy QB would fix a lot of the problems they are having. Thinks that the Cards will rest Murray, heading into a bye. Even if they lose they will still be 8-3. That would get Murray a 4 week rest. Expecting Murray not to play. Talked about Rashad Penny. If they run the ball they need him to be a part of that. They run because their o-line requires them to run. Talked about the future of the Seahawks. Talked about the structure of the team and who hires a coach with the current coach outranking the GM. He is the supreme power on football decisions. Gregg doesn’t think the owner wants an overhaul with the mess that is the Portland Timbers and everything 

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