Nov. 19, 2021

November 18 2021 - Scott Rintoul, Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Matt and Blake run through clips of the Jim Benning press conference and talk about what stood out. It was a lot… 

Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake to take a look around the local sports landscape. Started talking about how much as changed since last week when we spoke. Talked about how last week he said EP40 had turned a corner. Turns out he hasn’t. Hoping the Sedin’s have sat down with him and talked to him about handling is lack of confidence. Talked about the terrible communication within this club. Talked about who could replace GMJB. Says that he would like to see Ryan Johnson over the Henrik and Daniel. Talked about PK. Comical is the wrong word for it. It is unbelievable how bad it is. Talked about Jim saying they are talking to agents about how their players are performing. It’s an indictment into how bad EP40 is playing that this became public. Talked about fan reaction in the stands. Talked about next steps for this team if it continues the way it is. Hopes that the meeting with GMJB isn’t the only meeting ownership they are having. Says they should be having that conversation with multiple people. Talked about the Whitecaps. Gives its a coin flip and that is a compliment for them know where they are going. Gives them a shot to go into KC and come out with a win. It would give them positive vibes going into the off-season. Really difficult to reconcile what it does to a fan stand point with all their off field troubles. 

Jeff Paterson joined in his regular slot to unpack the Benning presser from today. Says it’s pretty obvious he has no answers. Talked about why they should have made Jim available last week. 

As always, another entertaining version of Take 5 Thursday!

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