Nov. 17, 2021

November 16 2021 - Farhan Lalji (TSN Reporter), Patrick Johnston (Post Media), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

TSN’s Vancouver correspondent, Farhan Lalji joined Matt and Blake. Started off with a road report and the highway. Followed that up with what he is hearing from the Canucks lately. Says it’s interesting there was a meeting today. Thinks that a head coach change is a better way to make a bigger impact. Doesn’t think that Travis has lost the room but might have lost one or two players. Coaching is harder than it’s ever been before. EP40 is a shell of a player that he has been before. Seeing him getting knocked off the puck as easily as he does is an indictment. Also that opposing coaches aren’t hard matching up with him. Talked about the Lions. Talked about Michael Reilly. Farhan thinks Rourke will be a starter in this league. Need to get Reilly contract down to about half, but restructure it with incentives. Thinks that Rourke can be what Reilly was in this league.

Patrick Johnston of the Province joined Matt and Blake. Says he knows what everyone else knows, the Canucks are in limbo. What happens tomorrow will have a lot of bearing on what happens with GMJB. Talked about the Aquilini tax case that will have to make them pay the entirety of their taxes. It’s a pretty big ruling against them. This is the way the global system is set up. Doesn’t think it’ll have an impact on the bottom line. Doesn’t think penny-pinching is affecting the bottom line, they hired a lot of people back. Talked about why they might not want to move on Travis. The Michael Forde angle is interesting.

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