Nov. 13, 2021

November 12 2021 - Gregg Bell (The News Tribune in Tacoma Seahawks Beat Reporter) - Rick Dhaliwal (Host of Donnie and Dhali on Check TV) - Jeff Paterson (Sekeres and Price Canucks Reporter) - Ian Bagg (Comedian)

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Gregg Bell of the News Tribune in Tacoma joined Matt and Blake ahead of Week 10. Started off talking about the Kraken. Says he hasn’t heard much buzz since the opening weekend. Talked about what else is going on in Seattle and what is taking away from its attention. Says there is still a very enthusiastic group and a group that are waiting for the team to be better. Got on to Seahawks. Getting RW3 is a big deal. Carson will remain on injured reserve. Thinks we will see a different Seahawks. Talked about the importance of this game. History said they’re not going to the SB and that they can’t even win at home. Their belief is that if they can just get into the playoffs. Gregg believes that this week isn’t a must win but that they need to win 1 of the next 2. Talked about who is the bigger diva in the game coming up. Rodgers has that trophy retired. Wilson will play like nothing ever happened on Sunday. Talked about why they didn’t get OBJ. They didn’t move heaven and earth because they didn’t want to take the 7+ million for a receiver who would be 3rd on the depth charge. DK is happy, RW3 is not. 

Rick Dhaliwal, host of Donnie on Dhali joined Matt and Blake and didn’t take too kindly to being referred to as Travis’ boy. Talked about what he is hearing in regards to what the coach is thinking about his team. He won’t survive with EP40 as an average player. He has heard as much about the owner has to go as the coach and GM.  Talked about who is easier to get rid of. Thinks that there isn’t a ready to step up AGM right now. Will be tougher to find a GM. There is a ton of coaches right now. The general feeling is that Travis can’t go on a losing streak. He needs to get on a heater. Talked about the potential of the Sedin’s taking over the GM role. Talked about Hamonic in Abby. He is out tonight with a LBI

Ian Bagg, Comedian and all around nice guy joined Matt and Blake ahead of him hosting the Canucks Alumni Luncheon. Talked about how he ended up getting the gig. Friends with Corey Hirsch and Corey urged him to come up and do an event. Talked about watching the Canucks from afar. He lives in LA. Watches and listens games in his car on the way to shows. Talked about what it’s like to get back into shows in front of live audiences. Says that people need this. Talked about the kind of comedian he is. Says he pushes the line but people get upset. That’s how you find out exactly where the line is.

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