Nov. 12, 2021

November 11 2021 - Andi Petrillo (One Soccer Host), Scott Rintoul, Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)

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Andi Petrillo, host of Canada Soccer on One Soccer joined Matt and Blake and started off with a weather update. Its cold!! This was sort of the idea. They have to make sure the players bodies are ready for the cold. They have to get the players ready for turf. A lot of guys don’t play on turf in Europe. These are top level players who are used to be treating as such. This is also providing FIFA the chance to check out Commonwealth stadium for the World Cup. Talked about Costa Rica playing at the stadium for the first time after practicing elsewhere. Whereas Canada is practicing at the stadium in all thirds of the field. That is the advantage. Nobody is pleased with this field. Talked about the level of concern that some European clubs might have with sending their prized players over here in these conditions. This shouldn’t surprise anyone with the money at stake in the game now. This is a team that relies on their goal scorers. They don’t get down on themselves after giving up the first goal because they have the players to counter that. Talked about the goaltending. Talked about the new guy and getting him cap-tied in. Herdman has made it perfectly clear that he wants to get him in. 

Our new Thursday regular, Scott Rintoul made the first of his many weekly appearances today. Says that the PK needs to get better or anything else that changes won’t matter. Thinks that Motte will be a great addition but that doesn’t mean they get to 90% on the kill. Talked about Travis Hamonic and how the Canucks handled that situation. Talked about Whitecaps. The atmosphere was fantastic. The best sporting event in Vancouver in forever. Was a lot of fun to be in that building and to see how much the players appreciated the fans. They have never been this good in the MLS, ever. Talked about the latest off-field scandal. Says they deserved better at the time and they deserve better now. Says Schuster deserves more time for judgement. It takes time for an executive at his level. People need to be proud to be a fan of a team. Talked about the BC Lions. The team is frustrated. Look no further than the QB. Talked about Seahawks and the return of Russell Wilson. Followed that up with NFL playoff talk. 

Jeff Paterson joined for a full hour of pre-game before Canucks faced off vs the Avalanche.

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